Postal address

BYLAND.LAW ¦ Technoparkstrasse 1 ¦ CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Telefone & fax

T. +41 43 321 32 32 ¦ F. +41 43 321 32 03


vCard (Christoph Byland)

VCF, 17 KB

In general, BYLAND.LAW responds to incoming mail through the electronic communication channel elected by the sender. However, please be aware that sending unencrypted data by e-mail is not safe: e-mails can easily be read, altered and intercepted by third parties in the Internet.

Therefore, we advise against sending confidential and/or sensitive information by e-mail unless it has been properly encrypted using the public PGP-key of BYLAND.LAW (ASC-file, 9 KB).

Alternatively, we advise you to use either the IncaMail platform of Swiss Post or the Secure Messaging-platform of PrivaSphere Ltd for sending and receiving secure and verifiable e-mails. By using these platforms you make sure that only the intended recipient can read the message and, furthermore, you have the option to receive a digitally signed receipt.

Travel time from Zurich (City/Main Station) to BYLAND.LAW (Technopark Zurich)

Bicyle (0:07 h)
Tramway (0:09 h)
Private Car / Taxi (0:10 h)